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Highway Hypodermics:  Travel Nursing 2012 (2012)

Highway Hypodermics:  On The Road Again (2009)

Crazy Thoughts Of An Online Romance (2008)

Highway Hypodermics:  Travel Nursing 2007

Highway Hypodermics:  Your Road Map To Travel Nursing (2005)

Crazy Thoughts Of Passion (2003)

Love At First Type (2001)


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Highway Hypodermics:  Travel Nursing 2012

Since 2003, the Highway Hypodermics series has brought the most up-to-date information to traveling nurses, staffing recruiters, and travel nursing company executives. 

This edition not only takes you down the path of finding a great travel company and an awesome assignment, but delves into the finer things of travel nursing, including steps to becoming a travel nursing for foreign trained nurses, traveling in an RV, traveling as an OT, PT, SLP, or LPN, homeschooling while traveling, independent contracting, and what the nursing license compact really means.  New topics in this edition include new testing (PBDS & BKAT), standards groups (JCAHO & NATHO), and traveling with a pet, plus there are over forty new stories from other nurses.

Her travel nursing books have received top awards.  The 2005 version was a finalist in the USABooksNews' annual awards; the 2007 version reached Number One on Amazon's best seller list in Nursing Trends, Issues, and Roles.  The 2009 version was a winner in the USABookNews’ annual awards in 2010. 

Her latest book can be purchased from either website, Amazon Paperback, or Barnes & Noble Paperback,  Autographed paperbacks can be purchased HERE for only $24.95  $19.95.


Highway Hypodermics:

On The Road Again


There is no end in sight for the nursing shortage.  As the need for nurses grows, so does the usage of traveling nurses.  Only through education can these nurses be properly prepared for their next travel nursing assignment. 


Since 2005, the Highway Hypodermics series of books (On The Road Again, Travel Nursing 2007, and Your Road Map to Travel Nursing) has become an industry leader in providing quality information to traveling nurses and recruiting firms.  Whether it’s your first or fifth assignment, there is always something new to learn with this book.


Epstein not only takes you from the basics of the changes in travel nursing, what it takes to be a traveling nurse, what to look for in a traveling company, and helps you choose a hospital and assignment, but she also has included in this edition helps for PT, OT, ST, LPN, and foreign nurse travelers.


This book also touches on how to prepare for emergencies on the road, keeping track of tax information, independent contracting, traveling with a family, homeschooling, traveling in a recreational vehicle, PBDS testing, JACHO certification for travel companies, and state nursing boards.  Closing out the book is a huge section with travel nursing stories from other traveling nurses and a special section with information on over seventy traveling companies.


There may be other books on travel nursing, but Epstein and the Highway Hypodermics series in the only one that has been a finalist in the USA Book News Medical Resources contest for two previous editions, with the last edition, Travel Nursing 2007, reaching number one on the Amazon Nursing, Issues, Trends, and Roles three different times.  Don’t leave home without the leading guide for travel nursing!


Check It Out HERE.


Crazy Thoughts Of An Online Romance

A fictional nursing duet: Crazy Thoughts of Passion (originally published in 2003) and Love At First Type: On Online Romance, Based On A True Story (originally published in 2001) with the added never released in print,  Epstein’s Guide To Online Romance.

In Crazy Thoughts Of Passion, Kaitlyn Malloy is an RN at a Geriatric-Psychiatric hospital.  Things are usually crazy at the psychiatric hospital, but how much crazier can they get when one of your patients has a handsome son?

Love At First Type is about two people meet on the internet with vast differences and many commonalties. They are 1000 miles and 24 years apart.  Can their online love survive reality?  Read more...



Highway Hypodermics:

Travel Nursing 2007

Whether you’re sailing in Iowa, viewing the sunset from helicopter pad on the top of a hospital in Arizona, gazing at covered bridges in Vermont, or taking a long walk on the beach in Florida, travel nursing is an excellent way to get paid while exploring the United States. 

Although Highway Hypodermics: Your Road Map To Travel Nursing was written in 2005 with some great information about travel nursing, the next edition, Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2007, brings expanded knowledge about the field of travel nursing.

Not only do you get the basics of traveling, but additional information is provided on the rewards and drawbacks of travel nursing and making the decision Read More...



Highway Hypodermics:

Your Road Map To Travel Nursing

If you were a female in the 1950’s and worked outside of the home, odds are you were either a teacher or a nurse. Women became more liberated in the 1970’s and began branching out into other jobs, leaving the nursing field void of needed workers.

The estimated need for new nurses will be over one million by the year 2010. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in the year 2000, the nursing shortage in the United States will continue to grow with an estimated twenty percent increase in the demand for nurses needed in our nation’s health care system by the year 2020.  Read More...



Crazy Thoughts Of Passion

Kaitlyn Malloy is a registered nurse with her hands full at Madison Acute Geriatric-Psychiatric Hospital.  The newly admitted Gladys Rosanthol had been brought into the hospital with an acute maniac episode.  Kaitlyn had no other choice but to give her an anti-anxiety medication.  She only hoped that it would be enough.

Lance Rosanthol was stupefied when he saw his mother.   She wasn't just relaxed; she was comatose!  He is taking his mother out of that crazy hospital, and he doesn't care what that Nurse Malloy says!

Kaitlyn certainly didn't need anyone questioning her nursing capabilities!  But why did crazy thoughts of passion keep entering her mind every time.  Read More...



Love At First Type

Nurse Kathy's life was changed when she met Jack over the internet.  They are not only separated by 1000 miles, but also 24 years!  They find themselves chatting more and more each day.  Soon they begin to contemplate the idea of making their romance a reality.  The odds are against them...  Can they make an Internet Romance an everlasting Reality Romance?  Is it worth going against all those odds?   Is there really such a thing as Love At First Type?

Read a book that has stirred up much controversy about not only finding true love and your soul mate on the internet, but what happens when you find that soul mate, and your already in a horrible marriage that is filled with abuse.  Read More


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Who Is Epstein LaRue?

She now spends three days a week working at a hospital somewhere in the United States, and three days a week concentrated on her writing and speaking career.  To find out more, check our her biography HERE!

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