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Crazy Thoughts Of Passion

A Traditional Romance Novel involving Nursing, Ethics, and Golf

Kaitlyn Malloy is a registered nurse with her hands full at Madison Acute Geriatric-Psychiatric Hospital.  The newly admitted Gladys Rosanthol had been brought into the hospital with an acute maniac episode.  Kaitlyn had no ther choice but to give her an anti-anxiety medication.  She only hoped that it would be enough.

Lance Rosanthol was stupefied when he saw his mother.   She wasn't just relaxed; she was comatose!  He is taking his mother out of that crazy hospital, and he doesn't care what that Nurse Malloy says!

Kaitlyn certainly didn't need anyone questioning her nursing capabilities!  But why did crazy thoughts of passion keep entering her mind every time that she looked at Mrs. Rosanthol's handsome son?  Naturally, nursing ethics complicates this situation.  She definitely doesn't need him to complicate her life!

An intriguing look at nursing, ethics, romance, and...

Crazy Thoughts Of Passion


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